Ken is an executive with strong skills in vision, planning & management of top-level projects with particular focus on the internet and e-commerce areas. Ken is a creative problem solver who leads a capable, dynamic team to create and deliver a superior product and excellent customer service. He has over 20 years’ experience in design and implementation of online applications and websites.

Ken has been the lead web technology developer on all of SimboliQ’s software applications. He has also been a technology consultant to numerous businesses of varying sizes and industries regarding customer service, operational efficiency, and order desk automation and management solutions.

Leonard Greenfield is an accomplished technology and business consultant experienced in all facets of the business process across many industries. An expert in numerous areas of information technology, Leonard is an excellent communicator and problem solver able to bring clarity to the most complex situations. Leonard’s background as a chartered accountant is a key element in his ability to understand problems and implement solutions in diverse business environments.

Leonard is the Chief Software Architect / Developer for all custom project and for all of SimboliQ’ software applications. Leonard has also been a technology consultant to numerous businesses of all sizes in such areas as business financing and business strategy development, network and security design, technology solution specification, and technology acquisition management.